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>> bob: what you are not going to believe this. this kid is not two years old yet. tiger will be replaced. watch out he swings. he's not just two yet. look at the putt. >> greg: that is actually a 40-year-old midget. >> bob: that is unbelievable. this is owen kapinsky of addison, illinois. he and his father practice three to five times a week at p.g.a. superstore. the kid is going to be, i mean, if you could do, that i play golf. if you do that, at that age. not two years old yet. >> dana: hope he is not like the other child stars. >> eric: great to have you back. >> greg: i am feeling better. i was sick for a while. i had to visit my mother. >> bob: how is your mother feeling? >> greg: all right. hi, mom. >> bob: hi, mom.
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>> dana: how did your fellow passengers feel about being on the airplane with you? >> greg: i was cordoned off. >> eric: we have to say goodbye. thank you for watching. welcome to "red eye." let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. hi, andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> our top story, is it okay to use kids to make your point about guns? apparently depends on what your point is. and a wisconsin high school teacher teaches a course about white privilege. watch your back because you might get smoked, loc. and a teacher trying to get her job back after being fired for her porn star past loses her appeal. well, not to me she doesn't. >> you disgust me. >> you are not happy to see me? >> knot -- not particularly, no. i am too sick to deal with you right now.
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>> let's welcome our guest. >> they never get that right. she's hotter than a time square rolex. i am here with columnist and fox news contributor. jedediah bila. if hilarity was a bike tire i would pop in twice a month. and in germany he is a yoga mat. my sidekick bill schulz. anyway, she is so sharp she sleeps on a dart board. next to me kennedy special correspondent as well as and tv contributor. and they will try to make you think that his stories don't think. our new york times correspondent. >> today in the international section, it is the continued outrage over russia's ban on u.s. adoptions. thank the reverse isn't true. enter porch, are you looking forward to the moscow times becoming your new daddy, old chum?
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>> in russia is it sunny? >> yes, yes, very sunny. >> do they enjoy freedom of the press? >> yes, even more than america does, my boy. >> is it sunny? >> okay, you already asked that. somebody get him out of here. >> people in the control room are in quite a hurry. cutting us off at every point today. it is great to be back here. should daughters be fodder. on tuesday they released a web video suggesting that president obama is a hipocrite. his two daughters have protection at school. >> are the president's kids more important than yours? why is he skeptical about putting armed security in our schools when his kids are protected by armed guards at their school. mr. obama demands the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes.
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but it is just another elitist hipocrite when it comes to a fair share of security. protection for their kids and gun free zones for ours. >> sounds familiar. it is the same point i made a month ago. jay carney responded, most americans agree that the president's children should not be used as pawns in a political fight. but to go so far as to make the safety of the president's children the subject of an attack that is repugnant and cowardly, meanwhile kids were front and center with obama as they announced his plan for cutting gun violence. the white house released letters written by the youngsters like this one from an 11-year-old named julia who wrote, quote, i know that laws have to be passed by congress but i beg you to try hard to make guns no the allowed. not just for me, but for the whole united states. how generous. the kids have spoken. is the gun debate now over? >> no, it is not over.
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i didn't realize they were employing the children to inform the policiment apparently he went to them and said how about drone strikes? they went, cool, that's great. >> that's the thing. why doesn't he employ policy decision? they would think drone strikes are mean. they are mean. >> no, they are cool because you blow people up without any authorization and they don't know what is coming and other people die. >> it is far away though so you don't really see it. >> same thing. >> jedediah, was using children exploy tiff or fair? >> i didn't like the ad. i thought it was a bad ad. >> really? >> yes. i look to ads like this to sway public opinion. i want you to inform the public and i want them to leave from watching the ad and maybe think differently. this looked hipocritical. a lot of people who support the nra are sort of beating up on president obama and rightfully so for surrounding himself with kids and bringing kids into the discussion. then you have an nra ad that goes after obama's kids.
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i understand the point about security, valid points. in fact, you did this better. i heard you make this point. it was in a way that viewers could watch and say he has a good point. this ad did that for me. >> i was just about to attack her on her thing. >> see how clever m why. >> you had me and then you lost me. >> i was going say it, and then she said, i did say i was better. i disagree with jedediah. the nra was making a fair point. he said he was skeptical about putting guns in schools which is basically what he has the luxury of, and so does david gregory and romy man -- ram emmanuel. why can't our kids be as safe as his kids? >> nobody does a better job of making themselves unpalable. you look at the choice between crazed gunman shooting defenseless victims or everybody opening fire at the same time.
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there is supposed to be a middle ground. they do make a good point. they should have made it and then shut up. if armed guards are not a deterrent, why do they use them? it is logical. saying something is a gun free zone is like making a magical incantation, and these kids, it is terrible they have to write letters like this, but if you want to have a gun free zone look at chicago. chicago follows these strict gun control laws, and they are over 500 killings. we have to find out a way to keep the bad guys from getting the guns and passing the laws for people who don't commit these crimes. >> are your daughters even in school? >> i know they are aware that school exists. i know they pass by them every day and ask why they don't attend. i tell them they are better than those kids. there is a difference between the ad we saw and how obama used his kids. those kids had a choice. those kids wrote those letters. you can't force the spoiled
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brats to do anything these days. >> if they are telling me he wants to be on tv, he will say anything. >> my brother had an option to be on tv with mike ditka when he was 6 and he started crying. he ruined the opportunity. >> that is the kind of evidence i need. >> he didn't have any choice. i didn't think that was such a great idea. don't call the ad repugnant. that will rattle the base. that is bad and i am impressed the nra publicist still has its its -- his job. >> obama sex ploiting children. >> obama is exploiting children. the nra has not done the best job framing the gun control debate. and now you are just seeing something that could be a very logical debate being pulled apart at the seems, and now we are at both extremes. and by the way if it weren't
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for repug nens and coward december -- cowardess you wouldn't have adjectives to describe it. >> and everybody is ripping on the nra. it is a lobbying group. it is not the latin kings. >> they kill people, and nobody ever talks. we are demonizing a lobbying group that actually does not have any influence per say like in anything other than -- you know what it is. it is for guns. they are not going to trick you into anything else. they are called the national rifle association. you know when they show up at your office what they want for you, and it is not that hard. for some reason that is more dangerous than the latin kings or any of the chicago gangs where 500 people are killed over a year. >> they put out a follow-up ad that was much better. they wept after the media elite. and it didn't make it into an
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anti-obama ad. 2* made it into really the issue of security and the huh poke craw see. i thought is that was a more effective way to make the argument. and the nra should put out white papers with fact. that's what they should be doing. they do have so many good points. this is is a part of the constitution. it is right under the first amendment. later in the show we are going to get to some of the first amendment issues that will be december mated. >> and thank you for bringing that up. i like it when you do fore shadowing. >> well, greg, i know you like a good tease. >> and you are one of the best. >> well maybe you never read the stories and you are just psychic. that was impressive. >> there are stories here? >> from pistols to put downs they won't abide his acting snide. a new jersey college, is there any other kind has suspended a grad student for being an on-line jerk. last year joseph aziz made a comment about a fellow student on youtube, not sure what that is, that her legs look like, quote, a pair of bleached
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hand. >> oh you find that funny? our floor director laughed at that. the dis lead to discipline for violating the code of conduct which complies with nerming new jersey's tough -- complies with nerming new jersey's tough anti-bullying act. they say to not speak of her on social media. of course he eventually did on a private ron paul affiliated facebook page or group. the dude joked about escaping her, quote, tyrannical ham lock. i like how all of these weirds parts become a political story. somebody rated on him and they suspended aziz. speaking of getting into trouble.
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>> that's actually an am few tated leg that was rolling around -- an amputated leg that was rolling around. >> it was stuck in there. >> oh it will get out. i realize we can't have pets on this show with you because you lose track of everything. joe, you were saying in the green room that aziz shouldn't be just suspended. he should be thrown in jail. that surprised me coming from a comedian. >> that would be the opposite of what i was saying in the green room. what this started from was the woman saying the unkind things. she attended a campus event with a guy who was heckling a campus speaker. so to break this down they went to heckle a speaker, and now they are getting upset because someone has said something unkind about them. you can't say we will interrupt the speech about someone. we need the law to step in. >> and by the way, this kid
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has such an incredible command of the english language. that's what was most impressive and saddened i didn't think of the term pair of unbleached ham before and then her tyrannical ham lock? >> you can envision the unbleached ham hocks. >> you know exactly what he is talking about. >> jedediah, nerming new jersey has the toughest legislation in the country against bullying. is this a good thing that we are now policing mean beings? >> no, it happens all the time. it happens in high schools i have taught in, and this is very common. now it is to a point where people are not talking in school forums. they are on facebook and twitter and these colleges feel it is appropriate to insert themselves into these people's lives. this is crazy. this is a violation of privacy. so what he said something mean.
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lots of people say mean stuff. you can't sensor everyone. and it wasn't threatening. it wasn't sexual and wasn't threatening. >> we don't tolerate her feelings anymore. she said her legs look like hams. they said, wait, you didn't mention bleaching. well now he crossed the line. there is a point where you need to have a thick enough skin to be an adult and they say screw you, i go on with my life. >> when ever there is a bullying episode it only becomes an episode when somebody tries to kill themselves or kills themselves. and then everybody on cue, the entire population turns on the person who made the insult. >> is it -- it was the nurse who took her life. >> it doesn't become a story until somebody dies, and then all of a sudden you are evil. >> bill, you are abused daily.
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you must be disgusted by on-line bullying. >> i am of the opinion that it was not an insult. i think we were looking at it wrong. that was a compliment. i wish my legs looked like bleached hams. as it stands they look like chewed up beef jerkey. it is amazing i can even walk. >> it is the rick kits. >> i wish it was only rickits. >> one of my favorite band. >> they are touring with the latin kings. >> i want to move on. i think bullying is healthy and i said this in my book. you will never be coddled all your life, but there is something about on-line bullying that makes you feel more vie lant because you can't see them. i always think that there is something about the fact that there is somebody out there. that makes you actually more willing if you saw them. if you could push a button it would send in electric shock or shoot them you would.
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>> you feel like you are dealing with a coward. >> they knew exactly who it was. it wasn't like he made some -- and by the way, i love reading the comments on tmz. >> that's the most unethical 4thof july of bullying. >> once we made bullying an art form like everything else. >> bleached ham. >> all right, from bullying to bigotry. does being white make you wrong? that seems to be the message at a wisconsin high school. they have them there. a course in diversity teaches students that white people are oppressors. they use the left wing ideology known as critical race theory to teachers and the concept of white privilege meaning as one outraged parent describes it to fox news, how do they find him? if you are white you are oppressing. if you are none white you are a victim. it brought it to the attention
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of the school. they said a lot of red flags go off in my mind if i look at the materials. her concern has merit. he says the course is now being evaluated and won't be taught until the process is complete. how are sharing lessons going at the nearby school for canines? >> the only thing that would make that more complete is the pulling back of the bloody stump. >> you always know how to make something better. jedediah, you actually backed this curriculum. >> i do not. >> that's what you said. >> see how they twist my words. you can't trust these guys for anything. >> look, this is what diversity courses are like. they victimize people. occasionally they beat up on white people and sometimes
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rich people. white men is a favorite group. rich, white men, forget it. >> i love beating up on them, but they pay me to. >> these classes taught by feminists. when it comes to white men and these race issues, it is a sensitive thing. just because you discontinue one class it is not a trend. the college courses have do -- diversity training and programs. it would be great if it was real diversity. it is too much to ask from academia. >> it has to be a zero sum game. >> it du.z and i don't know what that means. i do know. that means somebody is rich and somebody is poor. >> and if somebody is white it makes them bad. that's an incredibly racist conclusion. >> exactly. >> to teachers and from. it is dangerous for kids. i don't want my daughters growing up thinking that people have to be categorized by their race, by the color of their skin. >> is that why you tie them up? >> that's why i star of them.
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i want them to overcome their eating disorders and hatred of men. >> on a scale of 1-7003, how outrageous are you about this story? >> when i hear about white privilege it makes me think about how little i was able to accomplish. i was able to parlay it into anything. according to wikipedia, delaware, wisconsin is 80% white. i don't know if they are oppressing anybody, but it is odd that they talk about a diversity class where is there any diversity of opinion? it is not diversity if everybody has the same opinion. >> you get the last word on this if you indeed have one. >> well, before we get our outraged pan tees in a bunch, it is an elective that the seniors and the juniors can take if they choose to do so. so it is maybe brainwashing,
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but not at the level. >> what if they were korean or black? >> i would take that class. until a white male. that's what we do. >> and a feminist. >> no, no. >> jedediah bila discusses her new book, "how to solve the fiscal crisis." and why did oxygen can sell all of my baby's llamas. spoiler alert, some reason. for the new mattress models
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superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> that is true. anyway, enough about jedediah. you will never know johnny low who was supposed to start a reality show called all my
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babies mama's and the joy he made with them. but they canceled the program before it appeared thanks to an on-line petition. i hate those. it was signed by 40,000 people. a critic at the daily beast says good rid den. writing the network never took into account the affect on audiences outside the core democratic. that is those who only see minority when's they appear on their television sets. the writer also talks about the imbalance of how nonwhites are portrayed and our stories were told in dysfunctional and fabricated ways. >> is she teaching a close in a wisconsin high school? >> can i get to the animal video? meanwhile, the sneak attack cat just got picked up for three more seasons.
12:25 am
>> that was worth it. >> i just did that to him in the green room. do you think it was wise to can sell this show? >> absolutely not. th is the time to order 2 sycamore episodes. and i love his rational. it is like, at some point the condom probably came off. really? i know when the condom came off. when i was trying to get pregnant. that's when that happened. >> jedediah, he claims he cares for the kids on camera. is that enough? maybe he is showing people how to be a good father. maybe we are making a mistake here. >> i think it is bad tv, but i think we have a ton of bad tv and you can put bad tv out there in the market place. the problem is not with the bad tv. the problem is with us. we have an appetite for this, for honey boo boo and bad
12:26 am
reality television. we stop having that -- until we stop having that appetite these shows will not go away. >> from my perch from this sophisticated show like "red eye", people have to stop trolling in this horrible, horrible stuff. joe, do you think there is a double standard here? jersey shore had complaints, but it kept going. >> this is different because it can be seen as racially motivated. >> well, the first thing people should know is the 47 names are the baby mama's that didn't get on the show. >> and they didn't get pregnant. >> the difference is when people see jersey shores they don't think oh that's white people. they think these are some poorly behaved white people. but unfortunately people say that's black culture and that is sad. i also think what this guy is doing he takes care of his
12:27 am
kids, well congratulations to you. to a little kid the most important person in the world is mommy. what he is saying by doing this is your mother is not important and you are not important either. she is not important for me to be dedicated in the least and you are a product of accidental sex. >> that child will perpetuate that and they will think this is a cool way to live, but they won't have all of the money to spend. >> maybe it can be used as an educational tool. you may watch the show and see a black personment i watch the show and i see vaw riel tee. >> i just think it is sad anybody can watch this and you say i aspire to be like that. people say oh he is on tv and i want to be like that. >> that's what teen mom did for mtv. people take issue with that show, but teen pregnancy has gone down for a longtime now. i don't think this show will judge -- well, we don't know
12:28 am
if those baby mama's -- -- >> this could just be some that were born. who knows. bill, last word to you. do you have a working title for the reality show staring you and your i will legitimate daughters ? >> how many are there again? no that's the title. i'm like, dna test. i don't know yet. you are right. if they had marketed the show differently as a cautionary tale, we would not be having this conversation. when you say all my babies mama's it sounds cool and like an outcast lyric. if you said this sucks or don't be like me, we would be celebrating the social commentary and it would be on five nights a week. >> and they will still order 26 more episodes. >> i am not up on my tv lipping go. tv-lingo. >> i have a show about a crossing guard who helps kids cross the street using his
12:29 am
tail. i thought it was a good idea. >> they have the most beautiful eyes. >> and their hands. >> they are human, but there is something poisonous about them or we would have them as pets. there is something wrong with a lemur. jay they will kill you. -- >> they will kill you. they are adorable, but they will kill you. >> why don't we have them in our homes. they are cuter than all animals. >> you can't have them in washington, d.c. or california. >> you are not a ferret fan, are you? >> no. they are so cute. >> there is no restraining
12:30 am
order. >> i am not allowed within a five block radius. it is hard to find a place. >> do you have a comment on the show? do you have a picture you would like to share with me? i am telling you, we would all have slow loris'. red eye at fox do you have a video of your animal doing something? fox eye. still to come, half time report with andy levy. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by the long, thin instruments used for writing or drawing with ink. thanks, pen.
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>> let's find out if we have anything wrong. hi, andy. >> hi, greg. >> thanks forgetting me sick. >> everybody at fox news is blaming me. but somebody gave it to me first. >> all i know is i am never coming over and playing the breathing game. i am actually starting to believe that is not a real game. >> it is a set of exercises that i designed to lower stress. why do you see bill happy all the time? >> that's the bill hemmer game. >> all right, let's give this a shot. >> you can just skip the story
12:35 am
if you don't want to do it. >> no, that's okay. you didn't realize the president was employingish to -- employing them to make his policy. >> so juvenile. >> are you talking about my comment? >> no, i am not talking about your comment. i am talking about his economic policy. his foreign policy. >> okay. >> what about his policy, policy. >> would you agree though that other than his domestic and foreign policies he is not doing a bad job? >> no, i think there is is a narrow middle ground that is not covered by the domestic or the foreign, the inner galactic policies. >> he won't build a death star. >> he is less like ambudsing points. just an outside observer. >> he has done great work with middle earth. >> he is a free marketer. hands-off the middle earth.
12:36 am
>> jedediah, i am with you. i thought the ad was bad. they could have made their point without using the first family. as you pointed out, in a subsequent ad they did. >> i just think really -- they would have looked like the bigger people to come back and say you know what, barack obama, you want to use kids to make your point that's fine. play the higher ground. if you have the facts on your side, you don't need to go there. >> personally i think the nra has gone off the rails. i got tired of reading unhinged e-mails from them. >> they felt the same way about you. >> my e-mails to them were not out of hand. i deny that. >> you are the only person on earth they lobby to take your guns away. >> yep. i have to say the president surrounding himself with kids was worse. >> i agree. >> and it doesn't matter that the kids wanted to be there. it is gross. >> it is different. you can't compare one to the other.
12:37 am
you are taking the president's daughters -- >> i can say one thing is worse than the other. >> no, that was worse. >> and here is the reason why. >> the general answer as to why gun control doesn't work in places like chicago is they say people get guns from places where there is less gun control. >> and that answer is nonsense. those are palm who are illegally using gun. >> i agree with you. >> why not put up a sign that says gun free zone? >> because, joe, those things don't work. now you are being silly. >> people come in and they say a gun free zone sign and they say oh my mistake. then they turn around and leave. >> they say yay, free guns. >> is it wrong to suggest they have maybe, maybe not zones?
12:38 am
>> the whole country should be a maybe, maybe not. >> this is actually an amazing point. no one ever talked about gun ownership. it was like talking about stuff you did in your bedroom. when we were kids you didn't ask ask -- you asked your best friend, does your daddy or mommy have a gun? what is the maybe, maybe not thing? you didn't know on your block. now people will come up to you and ask you if you have a gun. since when was that okay? >> i don't know. on the other hand i will say when i lived in l.a. and had a gun i had a balcony that was reachable from the ground. i put a sticker on the sliding glass door letting people know i was a gun owner. >> you know what the biggest flag is to bad guys? putting the american flag in front of your house. that's like a secret message that tells me, yes, i love these united states. i love the constitution and all of her amendments.
12:39 am
>> that will keep the king of england. >> college students suspended for calling other students the fat thing. >> you nailed it. the woman and her male friend did the speech by a gubernatorial candidate. >> we didn't nail it. we just talked. >> i want this to go to court. i want the montclair state college student code of conduct to get ruled unconstitutional, and i want the new jersey anti-bullying law to be ruled unconstitutional. that is what i would like to see happen here. >> i will say one thing. as much as i am against the speech codes and stuff, he did agree to play by their roles and not to post things on their site. what he should have done is transfer to somewhere else that he couldn't keep his mouth shut. >> easier said than done though. >> i am not sure i agree with the transfer part. i think he addresses that once he had the bad mark on the record -- >> the bad mark was after.
12:40 am
do you understand what i am saying? >> i do, but i am sick and time doesn't matter to me right now. you might be right though. they got the bad mark now? i thought he was refer together bad mark where once he was told don't do it ever gn there was something noting that. >> that was the reaction after he posted on the ron paul page. >> it is entirely possible. >> one of us could have looked it up. >> this is something you could keep discussing perhaps into the break. >> wisconsin high school course teaches about white privilege. really nothing like a panel of white people missing the idea of white privilege. >> i knew you were going to say that. >> this panel is wider than obama's cabinet. >> someone hasn't seen me flow. >> and by the way, andy i got swag. >> i believe you have swag. jay she is talking about something she got at a fashion show. >> we got a free bag of goodies. >> you said this is what
12:41 am
diversity courses are like. critical theory is stupid. but do you think the notion of white privilege should be scorned? >> i think teaching a class on it where you have -- i can only imagine -- actually i know exactly what was probably going on in those classes. i have been in schools with them. i think it is appalling. and it leads to a victimization. some kid believe they are victims and some believe they are oppressors. that's not good for anyone. >> have i a solution for this, andy. i think they should teachers and these classes on white privilege, but only for the white students. >> the joke was the white privilege. >> greg, sometimes the lack of laughter doesn't mean we didn't get it. i have learned that. >> kennedy, you said this is about saying if somebody is white it makes they will bad. to be fair that's not what critical race theory says. >> okay why don't you tell me
12:42 am
about your ignorance. >> it says individuals may not be racist, but interests tiewtions are. but institutions are. there is a difference. >> but institutions are individuals now. >> how did that work out for him? >> that is below the belt. >> too soon, man. >> all my babies mama's canceled. >> i got everything wrong tonight. >> you said they should have canceled the show, but never said why. >> because it could be wildly entertaining. it is not that it is generating this much discussion. it can't be a bad thing. it is not necessarily a racial issue. there are plenty of dirt bag whitey birds impregnating women and not taking care of those children. >> and we see them on reality shows. >> all right, win-win. >> apparently we have to go. >> all right. >> whatever. >> whatever indeed. >> see you next week. >> see you, bye sick owe.
12:43 am
coming up, can we be lovers if we can't be friends? not so much a story as it is a voicemail brett bier left me late saturday. have to stop doing that. my wife hears those. does a couple who share the same name stay together? spoiler alert.
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their love started with ditto, and it ended with divorce. husband and wife who hooked up because they shared the exact same name are calling it quits after three years. can you imagine marrying greg gutfeld? kelly hill do brant on the left typed her name into face back to see if anybody else had it. apparently that guy. there was another kelly hill do brant on the right. they kind of look alike. it progressed to a real life meeting and they married a
12:47 am
year later. but sadly it wasn't meant to be. so the male heldebrandt, he is a florida girl and i am a texas guy. we came from different worlds. john gibson said the same thing about me after we split, but we are still good friends. discuss me shall we here -- >> lightning rooooouuuunnnnddd. lightning round. >> kennedy, if they can't make it work, how do differently named people have a chance? >> well, i don't know but he is blaming the sec, isn't he? i am a texas guy, whoo. what a bunch of lazy jackasses. i am going to marry him so i don't have to change my first name or last name and it is totally legal. >> that's why they did it. it is also for the whole monogram bathrobe thing. let's not kid ourselves.
12:48 am
if she was ugly he wouldn't have gone for it. he says oh it is the same name. no, you just wanted to sleep with her, and you used the name thing dash cash. >> it is a hook. >> the hook works both ways oddly enough. >> you think she gorgeous too? >> i mean they both look like they would have done very well. >> yes. >> what made me laugh was when he said he is from florida and she is from texas and we are from two worlds and they were like, whatever, hillbilly. i reached out to the joe devitos i could find on facebook. i never thought of marrying them. one is a real estate wiz and the other has great abs. when i feel like i am not getting the job done i look to them. i will live vicariously through you guys.
12:49 am
>> tan it is a stick. jedediah, that is not a common name. have you ever dated a guy named jedediah? >> and jedediah bila would be hard to find. but that would creep me out. somebody calls your name and we both turn around? it is creepy. >> a marriage is about two becoming one, jedediah. look into it. >> i am into maintaining my own identity. >> i guess i won't set you up with my cousin, jedediah bila. >> they should force them to have a new, horrible name. >> i think the divorce papers would be hilarious. >> that would be funny. >> exactly. hildebrand -- bill, there is five or six bill schulzs in new york alone and you dated each one. bill number three, call me. we still have things we need to say to each other. th is not an excuse. something else is going on here. this is not the mid19th
12:50 am
century where no one ever traveled. she's from florida. i'm from texas. >> you know what really happened -- >> there are phones. that's not an excuse. >> you are right. you snow what happened? there is a third kelly heldebrandt. it is a love triangle and it is horrible. >> the thing is they can't argue against it. that's why they fell in love. if they get another kelly, they have to embrace the kelly. >> creepy. >> it is creepy awesome jedediah. open your eyes to the lies in front of you. >> time to take a break. more stuff on the way. buy my latest book "the joy of hate" it has been on the new york times best seller list for weeks now. you can order it on amazon or if you want an autographed copy t get beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic mattress sets
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at low clearance prices. and through monday, get 3 years interest-free financing on selected models. don't miss sleep train's year end clearance sale. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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12:54 am
teacher was fired because of porn on-line. she is known as tiffany 6 says she only acted in these films for eight months in 2016. a judge ruled although her career concluded the
12:55 am
unavailability of her materials will continue to impede her from being an effective and respected colleague. i couldn't disagree more. anyway, do i? i don't know, kennedy. i have no opinion. what about you? >> i am disgusted by this. here is a public servant. she made questionable choices during her formidable years. they fired her and yet i am stuck paying for the braces of every child that belongs to an sciu member or public teacher in california. >> good point. you changed my mind. is she for given? >> i was confused. when she said she lost her appeal it was like, did she get fat? >> there is a market for that. >> they said they had trouble looking it up at first because none of the computers could access pornography.
12:56 am
>> he was like, get her out of here. >>- q. i that is a real story. -- >> that is a real story. they are the ones who should be punished. anything else you have to worry about? >> no, but i feel bad for her. it is like you can't make a mistake in this day and age. everything is chronicled on the internet. the first thing they do is they look up everything they can and go home and find everything they can about you. it wouldn't work to teachers and themmal algebra after the porn, but it is a sad story. >> everybody does dumb stuff in their 20s. when i was in my early 20s i invented a molecular process that helped cure half dozen diseases. >> bill, you began your career as a teacher which then prevented you from doing porn. >> they saw what happened to my kids. they are like, we can't support this her excuse is she
12:57 am
was having a bad split up so she turned to porn. why not just teachers and? why just not teachers and? she clearly can do it. i will have a pour road block and then go into teaching. >> now she will make so much more money in porn now. >> that is exactly my point. >> exactly my point.
12:58 am
12:59 am

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